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We’ve all had them and while I believe that my putting an overly full “non oven safe” matzo ball and chicken soup filled tureen in a 350 oven and having it explode 10 minutes before I was going to serve it is the funniest (in retrospect, of course) story ever told it occurred to me, when my friend Connie was recounting her Turducken “incident” that other host and hostesses might have even better (and messier) stories. So, I’m having a cooking story challenge for  anyone who thinks they can top my funniest story ever. All you need to do to participate is write your best story in the comments section and the editorial board will pick our favorite 3 and everyone can vote to pick the winner (and they get a prize!).  Deadline to submit is the day after Pesach ends (4/19). Let your friends and family know that the challenge has been issued and may the best (or worst as the case may be) story win.

While you’re sharing your stories, we are cooking, cleaning, and taking a break until after Pesach. We will be back with the final three stories to choose between, as well as an exciting announcement after the holiday, so stay tuned! If you find yourself in a bind during yontif and need help or suggestions, just send me a message here or on Facebook – I’ll be happy to respond. Have wonderful and meaningful Seders.

One thought on “Pesach Cooking “Disasters”

  • Marsha Katz

    Last year I was expecting a large crowd but had to work in the morning before the first Seder so my husband put the turkey in the oven for me. I realized that morning I didn’t have a large pan so I started it in. smaller pan and stopped on my way home for a bigger pan. When I got home I reached in to take out the turkey and all the grease and juice spilled into the oven causing a fire ball to form in the oven and blew up into my face. I was very very lucky to not have burned my face but my eyelashes and eyebrows were gone. After I cleaned up I wanted to continue our plans but where could I cook? Turns out new neighbors had moved. In the day before with all clean appliances. So I knocked on their door and said “Hi- I’m your new neighbor. Can I use your oven??? ” Our Seder turned out great and we had an instant connection to our new neighbors. My eyelashes took a little longer 🙂

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