Mano_juice (1)By now let hope everyone who’d been shopping like mad for the seders has had a chance to experience the grape juice wars going on in the supermarket aisles Yes, Welch’s had brought back their yummy delicious regular and sparkling grape juice and I for one am thrilled. Lets hope the third time is the charm for the Kosher consumer. The 2 previous attempts to bring it to the market didn’t go so well and this time, Welch’s got smart and teamed up with¬†Manischewitz to offer their ¬†100% Grape Juice Kosher for Passover (and all year around)

Don’t misunderstand, I like Kedem and Gefen brands just fine but come on, this is Welch’s and there is something uniquely special about the taste. It probably has something to do with the fact that before I kept kosher it was the only brand I’d ever had. It’s deep sweet full bodied flavor is just perfect for anyone that can’t or doesn’t drink alcohol and still wants to make kiddush