I never over indulge in alcohol (ok maybe once or 6 times in college, but that doesn’t count and those pictures have been permanently burned, buried and deleted anyway). Enter January 31, 2020. I’m now rethinking my position.

Everyone I’ve been talking to is planning on some type of “socially distanced (I hope)” celebration to end this year from hell. At home, on zoom, or outside if they live somewhere warm. I know that there are going to be individuals that will be celebrating with potent libations, wines both sparkling and dry and of course, food. We’re all just soooooooo happy that the year is over it’s my guess that there are going to be way more than a few headaches and upset stomachs. Imbibe in too much or more than you’re used to drinking and the price to be paid is a hangover.

Let me be specific, there is NO cure for a hangover. However, the good news is that there are foods and beverages that are proven to help alleviate some of the worst of the consequences of your OOOPS, I probably shouldn’t have done that celebration. The following foods and beverages can help your body replenish what you’ve lost in terms of electrolytes, nutrients and hydration and can minimize your down time and upset stomach.

1. Coconut Water-great source of electrolytes, sodium and potassium
2. Frozen Blueberries- antioxidants to replace what you lost plus they are rich in vitamins K and C.
3. Greek Yogurt or Kefir- probiotics to rebalance your gut and combat nausea
4. Ginger tea-soothes your stomach and can relieve feelings of nausea
5. Bananas-lots of potassium great paired with the coconut water
6 Oatmeal- counteracts low sugar levels (a complex carbohydrate, low in calories)
7. Tomato juice -accelerates the body’s processing of alcohol
6. Water- rehydrate your body but STAY AWAY from the sports drinks, even if they do contain electrolytes. Those electrolytes typically come packaged with sugar and artificial colors and other additives you just don’t need.

THE BIG NO NO-more alcohol. A hangover is your body’s way of telling you the stuff you drank is making your body wack-a-doodle, you don’t need any more.

My gift to you to start the new year off in the best condition possible after the 12.31.2020 bye bye party are the following hangover cure smoothies. The recipes contain at least 3 or 4 ingredients that, when combined, can really take the edge off the feeling like you’re starting 2020 all over again.

Feel free to mix and match any of the above ingredients and create your own cure or try these:

1 cup Greek yogurt or non-dairy variety (probiotics)
1 tablespoon chia seeds (for crunch)
1 banana (replenish potassium)
1/2 cup frozen spinach or kale (detox)
3/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries (antioxidants)
1 cup coconut water (hydrate and restore electrolytes)
1 to 2 tablespoons Honey (combats effects of alcohol)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (digestion)
2-3 ice cubes
Put everything in a blender and whirl until smooth. Makes 2 servings.

1 banana, frozen is best but fresh will do too (potassium)
1 orange, frozen or fresh (vitamin C)
1 cup of plain Greek yogurt (probiotics)
2 tsp minced ginger (settle your stomach)
1/2 cup of cold water, coconut water or cold green tea
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, about 30 seconds Makes 1 drink. This can be doubled or tripled.
© Eileen Goltz hango

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